The Many Uses Of Delta 9 THC

What Even Is Delta 9 THC?

We need to talk about what Delta 9 is, because everyone might not know just what Delta 9 is. Delta 9 THC is also known as D9. I might refer to it as that throughout this article. I wanted to clarify that for you. I don’t want there to be any confusion.

Delta 9 is the strain, the breed, of THC that everyone wants to get access to. It’s actually understandable as to why. D9 contains all of psychoactive properties. That is the whole reason that people want access to it. This is what causes Delta 9 to be illegal as well. Worst news ever, I know.

There are a few states that permit recreational and medical use of marijuana, sure. This contains the ever amazing Delta 9 THC gummies, but unless you live in one of these states then it’s not legally available to you.

Even trying to gain access to medical marijuana can be a hassle. It’s not as easy as just snapping your fingers and having it. It doesn’t exactly work that way. You have to do all sorts of paperwork and etc. to get certified, and try to get your medical card for the medical marijuana.


Is There A Legal Way To Get Access To Delta 9?

I know what I previously said, and that still stands true. D9 THC is very illegal. I’m not taking anything that I said back, but is there a legal way possible for us to get access to Delta 9? The answer might shock you, because it’s yes. Yes, there is a legal way to get Delta 9.

In order to explain how Delta 9 can be legal for us to have and use, I need to talk a little about CBD. I’m sure that you know what that it is. CBD is overall legal all around most of the US. It’s actually pretty great.

There was a bill that passed in 2018, the Farm Bill, that allows for CBD to made and produced. This Farm Bill declares that if CBD is to be considered legal, then it should contain no more than 0.3% of Delta 9, or less.

I fully understand that 0.3% is a small amount of Delta 9 THC. It is. So, this is definitely not what I’m referring to when I say that there is a way that we have access to D9. That’s such a small amount, I wouldn’t do you that way.

This Farm Bill that I mentioned above though? This baby likes to make waves you could say. This opens up doorways for us. There is a loophole that’s inside of the Farm Bill that essentially permits the use of Delta 9, so long as it has been sourced from hemp. You definitely read that right.  Hemp sourced Delta 9, D9, is 100% completely LEGAL!  How freaking cool is that?

So, when we are talking about legal Delta 9, please keep in mind that we’re talking about hemp derived D9.


The Many Uses Of Delta 9 THC

Since you now know that there is a legal version of Delta 9 that’s available for most people to have access to, you may find yourself wondering why would you want to use it? There are other things on the market. There’s CBD, Mary Jane, Delta 8 THC, and etc.

Mary Jane isn’t legal in most states though. CBD is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not Delta 9, or Mary Jane either. Delta 8 has more restrictions on it than CBD and the legal version of D9.

Delta 9 is honestly in a category all on its own. It’s shares similarities to marijuana and CBD. This hemp sourced D9 allows you to be able to have access to those psychoactive properties, legally. No getting in trouble here. It’s truly the best.

Why would you want to use Delta 9 though? There are many reasons. Some people might want to use it for recreational reasons. That’s up to them should they choose to. However, there are a lot of things that hemp derived D9 can help with. It can help to manage arthritis pain, joint pain, and even pains you get from headaches. It’s simply amazing.

There are so many things that hemp sourced Delta 9 can help with, that people probably don’t even realize that it could help with. It’s truly a great thing to have. If you have ever wanted to give this legalized version of Delta 9 a try, then I highly suggest that you do it. You definitely will not regret it.


Where Is This Version Of Delta 9 Legal At?

This legalized version of Delta 9 is made from hemp, therefore it is legal wherever CBD is legal at, basically. It’s legal in most of the US, but not inside of every state.

There are a few states across the US that have some restrictions in place when it comes to hemp sourced D9 and CBD. There’s a couple states, like 4 of them, that have it outright banned. You cannot have any hemp derived D9 within these states, it’s super illegal. Pretty crazy, I know.

Make sure that you learn how your state feels on the subject matter. We are doing this the legal way, and staying out of trouble. That’s what you want to do as well. You need to look up what your state laws are on the legal version of Delta 9, as well as CBD, so that way you can know what options you have available to you.


There’s A Sunny Side To If You’re In A State Where It’s Not Allowed

If you do happen to live in a state that has the legalized version of Delta 9 and CBD banned, there’s a sunny side possible for your story. Whenever you go places, and travel, you can always check that states laws on this subject. Chances are that it will probably allow it. You can consume it while there, but you may not bring any back home with you. That’s still super illegal.